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Timber Design

Timber Design

The Timber Design Team is a project team under the Society of Civil and Structural Engineers. Our team will be competing in a competition in Spring of 2024 where we design and construct a 2-story light-frame wood structure under specific loading conditions. As we prepare for the competition, members on the team will learn a lot regarding the design process and how we pick certain member sizes (e.g., 6" x 6" wood beam, 2"x4" wood stud, etc.) as well as where we place certain member sizes and how this will allow the structure to withstand certain forces (gravity, wind, and earthquake). Consequently, this will help team members that are going into the civil sequence as a structural engineering major since there are certain companies who design mainly with wood. The Timber Design Team is looking forward to this journey of hard work and the competition!

- Tied for 3rd Place Overall

2023-2024 Timber Design Leads:

  • Internal Project Manager - Mauricio Delgado-Garcia
  • External Project Manager - Oscar Nicolas
  • Construction Lead - Matthew Soares
  • Design Leads - Leo (Ziguang) Zhu and Xavier Zuniga
  • Aesthetic Lead - Marcus Wurts
  • Drafting Leads - Vinh Le and Bryan Garcia
  • Social Media Chair - Aden Urbano
  • Webmaster - Kyle Chen
  • Event Coordinator - Miguel Villeno

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