Steel Bridge is a student-run project team designing and building a 21' model bridge. In 2022, we won our regional competition and came in 8th at the National Student Steel Bridge Competition, and are looking to continue our success in 2023!

Design & Analysis

Our Design & Analysis team develops a bridge design conforming to the unique constraints set by SSBC (Student Steel Bridge Contest) rules committee. Predominantly during fall quarter, the team utilizes programs such as SolidWorks and SAP2000 to apply theory learned in class to real world problems.
Steel Bridge Design & Analysis
Steel Bridge Design & Analysis


Fabrication encompasses the physical building of the bridge by utilizing a variety of machining techniques and tools including welding, grinding, drill press, CNC mill, waterjet cutting, and many more. This phase is a really great way to learn or expand hands-on technical skills and develop a better understanding of design constructability. While most of fabrication takes place during winter, training and prototyping begins in the fall.

Steel Bridge Fabrication

Steel Bridge Fabrication


Another challenge to the competition is having an efficient construction, as part of the competition score requires assembling the bridge as fast as possible. With nearly 50 pieces and up to six construction team members, this requires a lot of forethought during the design process.

Steel Bridge Construction

Steel Bridge Construction

Student Steel Bridge Competition

The team competes at two events each year hosted by AISC and ASCE. Our regional competition, the Pacific Southwest Symposium (PSWS), takes place at the beginning of spring quarter, while Nationals is typically held during Memorial Day weekend. Each event is an incredible learning and networking opportunity where our team gets to meet other engineering students and professionals from around North America.
Last year, we were extremely proud of our accomplishments, with a 1st place finish at PSWS and an 8th place finish at Nationals, the team's highest placement yet. We're excited to continue our success in the coming year, and are looking forward to hosting Nationals 2023 at UCSD!

Steel Bridge Competition

Steel Bridge Competition

Steel Bridge Competition

Why Join UCSD Steel Bridge?
  • Don't need any experience to join
  • Best way to learn!
  • Learn the power & fun of engineering
  • Great community
  • Leadership potential
  • Networking opportunities

2022-2023 Steel Bridge Leads:

  • Project Manager - Becca Bauman
  • Finance Lead - Olivia Huey
  • Design & Analysis Captains - Saul Lopez, Wendy Miao
  • Design & Analysis Leads - Lenny Aparicio, Christian Gallegos, Yiwen Guo, Julian Ramirez, Jenny Ruiz, Hansen Yueh
  • Fabrication & Welding Captain - Saul Chaplin
  • Fabrication & Welding Leads - Daniel Araujo, Samuel Gan, Anthony Li, Matthew Tu

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    Steel Bridge

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