UC San Diego’s Seismic Design team competes every year in the Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition hosted by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). The objective is to design, construct, and analyze a five-foot tall balsa wood tower that can withstand various ground motions. Team members learn and utilize SAP2000 to virtually test and analyze their designs before construction.

The team competes against 30+ teams from around the world at the EERI Annual Meeting. The extensive support from our sponsors in the previous years has allowed our team to extend and refine our analysis techniques, making us successful in recent competitions, placing 5th in 2009, 1st in 2010, 11th in 2011, and 8th in 2014. Last year’s competition took place in San Francisco, where our tower was able to withstand all three ground motions and place 12th out of 33 international teams. This year’s competition will take place in Portland, Oregon.

2016-2017 Seismic Design Leads:

  • Project Managers - Sarah Ibrahim and Mia Le
  • Analysis Leads - Tiffany La and Allen Banag
  • Design Leads - Calvin Hang and Zhenhua Li
  • Construction Leads - Erik Guthrie and Joycelyn Ng
  • Finance Leads - Alejandro Levesque
  • Senior Advisors - John Hamrang and Alex Chen
  • Graduate Advisor - Kostas Kosmidis

  • Sponsors:
  • EERI
  • Degenkolb
  • ATA Engineering Inc.
  • Solidworks
  • Geocon
  • KPFF
  • UCSD Associated Students
  • Triton Community & Tournament Competition Funds
  • Jacobs School of Engineering
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